Doing It Again: Gary’s Game Winner Against Bc

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When the St. Andrews Knights men’s basketball team fought against Bryan College, it was certainly a game to behold. During the first 2 quarters, both teams were pretty much neck to neck. However, St. Andrews University was able to break away from the opposing team for 10 points, resulting in a score of 48-38 at halftime. During the first 24 minutes, the Knights’ field goal percentage was at an impressive 51 percent, while their 3-point percentage was at 41 percent.

Midway during the 2nd half, St. Andrews would break away even further, extending their lead to 14 points at 59-45. However, the Bryan players were able to catch on fire as they were able to go on a 31-17 run, eventually tying the game at 76. By this point, there was only 10 seconds left on the clock. Luckily, there was Gary Titus who was able to do everything right during clutch time. He took the inbound pass, dribbled down the floor, and put up a buzzer beater floater which bounced off the backboard. The game ended with the Knights’ second conference win for the season.

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Titus Gary was the leader in points made at 17. His other teammates weren’t definitely slacking off as three other players were able to end the game with double figures as well. From three point land, Gary was 2 out of 8, while having five rebounds and two steals. After the game, he was able to acquire his 198th career 3-point field goals, which is now ranked first at the university since the 2008-2009 season.

Peter Benedict here. I went to St. Andrews University. It is where I honed my skills in business management and cultivated my lifelong love for sports. Follow me on Twitter!


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