Learning From The St. Andrews Knights: The Strategy Against Much Bigger Teams

It hasn’t been a very peachy season for the St. Andrews Knights in men’s basketball. I am absolutely still their number one fan. But that also makes me their most disappointed fan with what we’ve all been seeing so far.

Image source: youtube.com

It’s nice to see the team not losing by a blowout for a change. At least there are some flashes of brilliance on the floor. Take for example the game against Bryan College. The Knights actually had the lead at the half. With a field goal percentage of 53 percent at halftime, St. Andrews only proved that they could score, almost as many points as the opponent, that is.

However, not to undermine Coach Hernandez, basketball is not won on offense. We simply can’t trade baskets. When the game is on the line, teams naturally level up. That’s exactly what Bryan did.

Even with three Knights scoring in double figures consistently, just like what Zinaich, Smalls, and Vanderhorst did, we will have to come to terms with the fact that we are a much smaller team compared to the rest of the league. Only then can the Knights realize that the kind of defense they should be playing has to work with that.

Image source: downtownball.net

The Knights should be playing the full-court press for the whole game. Many might say that this is too huge of a demand, but the fact is we’re smaller. When we win, we’re more tired than bigger teams are whenever they win. We simply have to accept that.

We have to make calculated gambles in intercepting the ball, playing denial, and jumping as high as we can for those loose balls. We foul hard if we have to. That’s the only clear solution I see.

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