Crunch Time: Improve Your Freethrow Shooting With These Tips

Free-throw shooting is one of the fundamentals of basketball. It’s so important, it can be the deciding factor for a championship or a send-home. And during crunch time, when the stakes are high, you need to make your free-throws count.

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Here’s what you can do to improve your free-throw accuracy.

Use good form

A good shooting stance will dramatically increase the accuracy of your shots. It’s easier to shoot straight shots with a good shooting form. Stand with your lead foot slightly forward, your feet in a 45-degree angle. Flex legs and flick your wrist as you shoot to allow the ball to make a backspin.

Make a routine that puts you into rhythm.

The most common is three dribbles, though you make one that fits your shot.

Look straight at the front of the rim

When you shoot, look at the rim and not the ball. This will help you shoot at the direction of the rim. And then you can either watch the ball in the air or not.

Avoid planting your feet flat on the ground

Your feet should be on their tip toes. If you don’t have enough strength, jump 1 or 2 inches in the air. Make sure you’re not palming the ball, meaning, you hold the ball using your fingers and only shoot with your dominate hand and use your off-hand for support.

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