Some Rebounding Tips For The Knights, Because They Need More Wins

It has been a perennial reality that the St. Andrews Knights have often been playing with a huge handicap because of the team’s lack of ceiling. Although the Knights play their heart out and win games, it is not quite enough to secure those victories.

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A look at statistics will reveal a huge problem in the team not having enough possessions. Without a lot of possessions, the team doesn’t get enough attempts. Certainly, the Knights will lack sorely in scoring opportunities this way.
If a smaller team needs to get more rebounds, they need to learn how to box out their opponents. Boxing out is an art in basketball. Even when an opposing team is taller, their life can be made difficult with good boxing out. Of course, this would require the smaller team to bulk up. A lot of strength conditioning is needed for this.
It is also important for the smaller team to learn how to jump higher. If they are smaller, it also means that they are lighter, and they should exploit their quickness to react. In fact, being more aggressive to the jump has shown that it can fish fouls from the opposing team, as fouls by a bigger player on a smaller one are easily noticed by referees.
Positioning is also key to getting rebounds. A player must develop the skills to read a ball’s behavior after it hits the ring. From there, a player’s position should be based on his prediction on where the ball is likely headed. This is clearly a gamble, but it is certainly an educated one.

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The Knights need to make peace with the fact that basketball will always be a huge rebounding grind for them in this league.
Peter Benedict  supports the St. Andrews University varsity teams. For more sports insights, follow this  Twitter page .


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